Leo The Hero – Update


Progress on Leo The Hero is coming along nicely lately and I feel like there is sufficient changes to warrant an update for everyone!

What’s Been Done?

The version of LTH in the original demo(s) has been changed drastically. The levels and features from that version are still in the current build of LTH but they have been redesigned and tweaked to fit better with the new overall design of the game.

Essentially, the game has been stripped to the bone and re-built from the ground up using the features and knowledge from the original build of the game.

This does mean that the game has taken a few steps back in development, but it gives me a better foundation to build the game from. However, development is progressing much quicker than with the previous version. This means that although I’ve taken 1 step back, I’m taking 3 steps forward.

So What’s New?

On to the good stuff! So what’s actually new with the changes?

The Characters

Well for starters, many of the characters have been redesigned to fit better into the setting of the game and the world they live in.

Leo’s redesign includes:

  • Changing his colour palette
  • Changing his hairstyle
    • His hair is now mid-length and has a side-shed fringe
  • Changing his clothing
    • His sprite now includes his pistol
    • He now wears a blue jacket and trousers with brown chaps to stay in line with his cowboy theme.
    • His muffler/cloak is now a Serape to stay in line with his cowboy theme.

Katayla’s redesign includes:

  • Changing her colour palette
  • Changing her clothing
    • Her cloak is now a scarf/hood combination (Snood)
    • Her tunic is now a darker red with padded armour
    • her skirt is now a pair or  brown shorts
    • She now wears a stone bracer on each arm made from cooled magma.

Fee’s redesign includes:

  • Changing her colour palette
  • Changing her hairstyle
    • Her hair is now mid length and has a single pigtail on the top left side.
  • Changing her clothing
    • Her sprite now includes her sword
    • She now wears dark red clothing under her armour
    • her armour is now a darker yellow-orange colour

Other character redesigns are currently in progress, including, Mikael, Jaque & Mar’Eck.

The World

The world they live in has also been changed. I felt that the original map was far too ‘blocky’ and felt more like a small collection of islands rather than continents where people would live.

The map changes include:

  • Making the Sierra Continent (where Bantam was) and the Gaigen continent (where Lowarin was) one in the same (still called Gaigen)
  • Moving Glacial from the South to the North to factor in the temperature being based on placement from the equator.
  • Making the Brachdoon and Scarmount islands one in the same under the new name Cardaugh (Brachdoon and Scarmount now refer to the locations on the island)
  • Moving the Qartio and Embar continents  to the central and western parts of the map to factor in the temperature being based on placement from the equator.
  • Temporia is now a continent of its own instead of being a small civilisation near Sierra.
  •  Varlianti remains a stand alone island/continent but now contains a port town called Rima that leads to the main island.
  • Farlont is now placed at the North-West to factor in temperature being based on placement from the equator.
  • Lea is now a continent of its own in the South-West instead of a floating island in sky.
  • The Killian islands have been added to replace the previously included collection of whirlpools and rocks in the central area of the ocean and have been moved north.
  • Many of the continents and islands have been reshaped to accommodate the changes.
  • Many new locations have been included due to the changes in continent and island shapes.
  • Existing locations have changed to accommodate the new shapes of continents and islands.
    • Most Notable:
      • Lowarin is now a mining town instead of a small village.
      • Bantam is now a farming-port town instead of a stand alone farming village
      • The Sierra Badlands are no longer a desert fortress but is instead a bandit encampment
      • The Gaigen Mountain Range has been included to bridge the gap between Bantam and Lowarin that was previously ocean.

The Mechanics

Several of the game mechanics have been changed and tweaked to create a more enjoyable experience.

The changes include:

  • Removing the basic ‘Attack’ function in battles
  • Adding an ‘Examine’ function in battles
    • This is works similar to a scan ability
  • Assigning each character two skill types
    • For example Leo uses ‘Martial Arts’ and ‘Gunplay’
  • The Bounty & Job systems have been tweaked to perform better in game
  • The Crafting system has been tweaked to now allow the creation of more items including weapons and armour.
  • New skills and abilities have been created that affect players and the environment
    • For Example the ‘Light’ ability will illuminate a dark cave (like Flash from Pokemon)
  • New battle skills have been created to reflect the character’s fighting styles.
    • For example Leo has ‘Combo‘ skills that combine two skills into one attack.
  • Certain events will allow the player to choose between set actions
    • For example at one point you are given the choice of attacking at night or in the morning, this choice determines the situation of the attack.

The Story

The main story for LTH  has not drastically changed but has grown to be more cohesive with the world and it’s lore.

Other changes include:

  • Several character back stories have been changed to include explanations for their motives and actions in the game.
  • The story now spans 5 arcs spread over 13 chapters.
  • Character relationships have been changed to feel more realistic.
  • Character personalities have been developed  to be more believable and relatable.


Final Words

In summary, there have been quite a few changes to the game that I feel will make it more enjoyable in the long run and I hope that the players will agree. I am looking forward to seeing where LTH goes in the future and hope you will stay with me throughout the process.

What do you think of the changes? Is there anything you’d like to see in the game?

Let me know in the comments below, Facebook or on Twitter.

Thanks for all your support!


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