Leo The Hero – Update

Okay, so I have been doing more work on LTH the last few days (more than I have done in the last year) and I’ve just about got the game back to the state it was in when I put development on halt. I have added a few new features since the last update and fixed more of the enemy strength problems along the way. I have also started to edit a few features in the game to make them easier to work with.

The New Additions and Updates

So let’s give some more details on those changes!

  • New Features
    • Monstro’s Monster Cards!
      • Monstro’s Monster Cards is a mini-game that has been added to LTH using a Triple-Triad (FF8 card game) script. I cant find any restrictions to the script in it’s comments or from the site I got the script from so I’m assuming it’s free to use (I will still credit with the names on the script anyway). Anywho, this allows me to have more than just the main game to work with, you can now visit Monstro’s Monster Cards in Lowarin (after the prologue) and get your very own Card Album! unfortunately I have not implemented finding cards in the world, or from monsters just yet. So you have to buy booster packs to get cards for your first match. The players you can battle have not been set up yet either but it is in progress to be a time consuming and fun mini-game.
      • Making the images for the cards was indeed a pain in the rear but overall I think this will pay off later on.
      • Credit to the names given on the script:
        • Author: Raizen (www.centrorpg.com)
        • Modified & Expanded by: Malagar (www.rpgmakervxace.net)
  • Enemies
    • The thugs that belong to both Jaque and Mar’eck have been re-balanced slightly as they were too strong for the player at the prologue part of the game.
      • Now i feel they are too weak so I may be tweaking them a little more in time to get a more comfortable difficulty to the game.
    • Katayla’s second fight still needs some work as her fire attack still does major damage to the player, but you can win if you use the Tonics you get beforehand correctly.
  • Edited Features
    • QUESTS!
      • Ok so I had a quest system in place in the original version of the game but it meant changing the key-item tab in the items menu to a quest tab, this limited all items except quest items to being in the same item tab (kinda bad for organisation). I wanted to do this instead of relying on a script for a quest system because I didn’t think I needed one (I wasn’t wrong but a script is tidier). I also had a common event handling the side-quest system for Bounties and Jobs but it has came to my attention that this gets messy really quickly during implementation so I have switched the quest management into a script by V.M of Daimonious Tails (Scripts from them are really useful and very quick to get the hang of).
      • So now that the main quests and side quests are being handled via script I have been able to tweak the questing system at the inn in Lowarin to allow for more quests that function WAY easier in the development stage (This hasn’t been tested thoroughly enough to say that it solves the problem completely). The payoff from this will hopefully be more Bounty missions and more Job side-quests for the player to enjoy. This should also increase play time for the game and let me introduce non-essential missions that can help with character development or backstory. (anyone that has played the demos probably wants to know what happened with Fee and Leo)

Well that is all I can think of for now so, keep on watching for more updates in the future. I don’t see myself putting LTH on hold anytime soon so hopefully this game should be complete within the year (wouldn’t that be grand?).

Thanks for supporting DuckBorn Studios!

David E McIntyre

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZakashiGaming/
Twitter: @DuckBornStudios
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiIt9260gEjG9RrhEC4blzA


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