Leo The Hero- Update

So, some of you may know that DuckBorn has been wanting to complete a games project for some time now, and Leo the Hero was supposed to be that game. Unfortunately, my time was taken up with several other things (including education that should one day lead to better games) BUT, after installing RPG Maker VX ACE onto my desktop computer I got the motivation back to work on LTH once again! (hurrah!)

The Updates so far!

The game has been updated a little bit since the release of the second demo. These updates also make the demos somewhat redundant. In my recent work on LTH I have implemented several scripts from V.M of Daimonious Tails, these include:

  • Sleek Item Popup
    • This script was implemented to streamline item collection from chests, hidden containers and other such interactions. Instead of openeing a message window to explain what you ahve recieved, a helpful little popup of the item’s icon, name and the amount gained is displayed above the character’s sprite. This makes creating chests alot simpler as all ther is required is to add the item to the player’s inventory then post a little script call with the item id and amount.
  • Advanced Recipe Crafting
    • This is a feature I really wanted to implement in the game from teh beginning, and I’m sure I’ll use this script again in future games made on RMVXACE. This is a slightly more in-depth version of the Basic Recipe Crafting script (also by V.M of D.T). With this script I am able to add the ability to craft Items, Armour (im scottish I spell it this way just like I spell colour) Weapons, and some other miscellaneous items from other items. This not only allows for more items to be included in the game, but alos lets me increase the kinds of loot dropped from enemies. For example; The Slime enemy already dropped slime balls for use in one of the sidequests (yay gathering quests!), but now slime balls can also be used to craft healing items such as Tonics (potions are over-rated). Overall I am happy to have this script available to me and oh waht fun I can have with it!
  • Field Abilities
    • This is a rather nifty script that I don’t think ill be fully utilizing just yet. It allows for me to add new actions to events for use in puzzles and general RPG exploration. This script allows the use of thigns like; Grabbing boxes and barrels to move them around (Hmmmm I sense a pressure switch puzzle) a jumping button (which I don’t think I’ll be using) and the ability to throw objects (kinda like in Legend of Zelda with all those pots).  Now I know for a fact the grabbing ability will come in handy, as for the throwing and jumping, I don’t know if I really need either of those in the game so I’m gonna leave them out untill a decent use for them comes to mind (if you can think of one you think might fit feel free to comment it).
  • Actor Sprites
    • This script is only implemented so I can display characters during battle (not quite like side-view battle scripts). In the demo of this script it is used in conjunction with a side-view formation battling system that I don’t see a need for in LTH. So I chose to instead use this script to show the character sprites next to their names and health stats to give you a look at who you are playing as. A neat little addition in this script is that when a character does and action their sprite will flash slightly to let you know who did what. I feel this is an improvement to the simple text information on what happened to who and why (example: Leo Attacked Slime, Slime took 123 damage).  Maybe in later projects I’ll get into making animated sprites for side-view battling (I do have my eye on a nice script for that) but for now, I’m happy with just letting you see some little sprites in the battle menu.

Now there is another script I have added to the game just to give it a more “professional” feel to it. This script is the Event Borders script created by ZOAG & Signum1221. This lets me create a little letterbox (those black bars at the top and bottom of the screen) to let you know when an event is being played out for you. It doesn’t really change the game in any big way, but I like how it makes the game feel.

All of the scripts used and mentioned above are free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects as long as credit is given to the original creators, so if you are wanting to get your hands on these scripts you can get them from the Steam Workshop for RPG Maker VX ACE, and IF you do use them, please give credit to the creators anyway I’m sure they worked hard on making these for us and it’s only fair to thank them!

What else has changed?

Well now that I’ve covered the scripts I’ve implemented into LTH, I guess it’s time to mention the changes to the actual game.

I have stumbled across a king’s ransom in audio files from the Steam Workshop that are free to use. This has lead to a change in the games soundtrack (quite drastically). I have changed the LTH main theme (AKA Leo’s Theme) to a more wild-western sounding audio track, several of the maps used in the demos have new soundtracks also due to the new audio sounding better than the RPG maker provided audio.

What else has change? Some of the events in the game have been re-written in order to let the story flow better (and I fixed some of that bad grammar). I’ve also made a few edits to enemies stats ,as I discovered that the second battle with Katayla can end abruptly if she uses Fire magic. Jaque is as impossible to beat as always (but hey if you manage it I have created an event to cover it) and some of the NPCs in Lowarin and Brachdoon have new things to say in relation to the new features. I think that about covers all of the updates and edits…OH! One last thing, due to the inclusion of crafting you can now find crafting recipes in bookshelves, barrels, boxes (just about anywhere really) and even from people, so talk to everyone and search everywhere you greedy protagonist!

Well that’s everything so far, if I have missed anything out I’m sure it will be included in the next update announcement (whenever that may be) so until next time, thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and thanks for supporting DuckBorn!

Post written by David E McIntyre of DuckBorn Studios (thought I’d make it sound professional at the end)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZakashiGaming/
Twitter: @DuckBornStudios
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiIt9260gEjG9RrhEC4blzA


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